Steel Mesh Enclosure – NHS Clinic (Birmingham)

Customer – NHS

Location – Whittall Street, Birmingham

We have dealt with the NHS whether it be a hospital or a clinic on a national basis for many years, so we when the NHS estates department at the Whittall Street clinic in Birmingham had a safety issue (to provide an external & secure steel mesh enclosure for clinical waste) we were the company they turned to for help & guidance.

Our solution came in the shape of a 3m high – strong & secure steel mesh enclosure which needed to be aligned against an existing but permanently placed portakabin which needed to have a durable & substantial steel mesh roof to prevent people from climbing in to the compound. Panels were pre-galvanised before powder coating to ensure they would not corrode or rust due the british climate conditions. Access in to the compound is obtained via a secure lockable steel mesh bi-parting sliding door system that maximises the interior compound space. Due to the undulating floor levels we had to manufacture the heavy duty, single skin steel mesh panels to exacting height tolerances to ensure the roof would be perfectly level on completion. Safety bollards were also inserted within the tarmac to prevent damage from motor vehicles.

Since the installation we have received great praise from the estates department within the Whittall Street NHS clinic which has since led to further works on this and other sites around the country.

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