Fire protection

Fire Protection for Mezzanine Floor Structures – in accordance with Part B of the Building Regulations

Fire Protection to Mezzanine Floor (Medium)

Once we have determined if a mezzanine floor needs fire protection (usually to 60 minutes fire resistance) we will undertake the necessary work to fire rate the steel structure. This is normally in the form of a fire rated suspended ceiling (installed to the underside of mezzanine floors) where both ceiling tiles & gridwork have both met or exceeded their specific test specifications from the manufacturer. The purpose of fire rating a mezzanine floor is to allow personnel enough time to evacuate the area safely in the event of a fire and to allow fire fighters enough time to safely access the structure in order to fight the fire and to bring it under control. Elements that make up a traditional fire protection system to the underside of mezzanine flooring include :-

  • Fire Rated Suspended Ceiling & supporting gridwork.
  • Fire Rated Bulkhead detail / Upstand to exposed edges of mezzanine floor.
  • Fire Rated Column Casings (Galvanised or White) to all structural steelwork.
  • Fire Rated Cavity Barrier within ceiling void at approved centres.


Enquire NowAlternative forms of fire protection include Sprinklers or special fire resistant paint (Intumescent) can be applied to all exposed mezzanine floor steelwork. This concept would normally be combined by undercladding all the purlins (Joists) with a double layer of plasterboard to protect the chipboard in the event of a fire. These plasterboard panels would be staggered before being taped & jointed to leave a flat, smooth finish which would then be painted with two coats of emulsion paint. A downside to this format is that access to the ceiling void would be restricted whereas a suspended ceiling will give excellent access by simply removing a tile.


T2 Storage Solutions are vastly experienced in all forms of fire protection and would welcome the chance to discuss your project in greater detail as we know your companies safety is of paramount importance.

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