Every successful business experiences growing pains, but when it comes to your space, it doesn’t have to be a pain in the budget. Moving your entire operation from one location to another can not only result in a lot of downtime, but can leave you with lots of upfront costs. Wouldn’t it be easier – and more affordable – to use your existing space to its maximum capacity?

Custom Tailored Storage for your Unique Needs

T2 Storage Solutions offer small parts shelving, mezzanine flooring, pallet racking, and many other solutions to growing businesses. These projects have been undertaken in Dudley and the surrounding areas of Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Telford, Walsall, Handsworth, Kidderminster and West Bromwich as just a selection. The custom solutions we create for our clients are designed to be as functional as they are attractive.

We Work with Every Business

Whether you require a small alteration-type product or full turn-key transformation, from the aerospace industry to the manufacturing sector, we have worked with businesses of all sizes. T2 is ready to help. The companies we serve run the gamut from automation to production, as a result of this, the blue chip companies we’ve worked with have given us the experience that has made us a national leader in storage solution design and installation.

Coneygree Industrial estate, Grazebrook Industrial Park and Marriott Road Industrial Estate are a small selection of Trading parks where our work can be found. There is no business that’s too far, small or large to benefit from our top quality products. Our team of experienced staff will manage your project every step of the way.

Why Wait to Get More Space?

Your business can now enjoy growing pains, pain-free when you contact T2 Storage Solution. Email us on info@t2stoage.com or call us on 01400 220 310 to claim your free consultation and let us relieve that pain.