Great news: your expanding business can stay exactly where it is. T2 Storage Solutions can help you make the most of your current location with the use of automated shelving, pallet racking, mezzanine floors and much more. We’ve helped businesses in all sorts of industries to squeeze every last drop of space out of their current locations, and all without any downtime. We will not rest until the customer is satisfied.

Our Years of Experience says it All

T2 Storage Solutions and its team of talented engineers, design stunning, functional and affordable storage solutions for all types of clients. The last 15 years has seen us working with various blue chip companies to create custom-made, top-quality solutions, from the automation and aerospace industries to those involved with warehousing, research and development. We have been very successful in and around Redditch’s Trading estates, you may have even seen our work in the lakeside Industrial Estate, Washford Industrial Estate, Enfield Industrial Estate, and Farm Industrial Estate.

The Smart Choice

When you choose T2 Storage Solutions, you are choosing a company that will save you money. Instead of having to uproot your operations to a larger, more expensive location, you can stay where you are for a fraction of that cost. You are also choosing a company which has a keen eye for design. All of our products are attractive creations which will fit right into your existing operations as if they’d always been there. We use advanced computerised estimating software, so as our clients always know how much they’ll be paying long before installation is complete and exactly what they are paying for.

Find out What We Can Do, for Free

We offer a free consultation to new clients. This gives you the opportunity to really understand what we can do, and gives us the opportunity to get to know your business. We service businesses in Redditch, but also Bromsgrove, Stratford Upon Avon, Droitwich Spa, Solihull and Oldbury. Even if you are located in Birmingham, Royal Leamington Spa, Worcester or Dudley, you can benefit from our solutions. Simply email us on or call 01400 220 310.