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The T2 Showroom – Long Bennington

Welcome to the T2 Storage Solutions’ head office, take a tour of our “award winning” office and showroom to see how an imaginative space plan and stylish furniture can bring a space to life.

Our office and showroom hosts a modern open plan style of working within a uniquely dynamic space, with a wide variety of working environments contained within, allowing for a truly personal approach to the traditional workforce.

The entire space benefits from an extensive use of full glass partitions allowing for a natural spread of light around the entire work space which has been proven to improve the well-being of members of staff and improve productivity.

Industry Leading Bespoke Design & Build

T2 Open Space and iVan Tea Point
T2 Storage Solutions managed the entire design, build, supply and installation of our head office in Long Bennington – Newark, creating a fully integrated open plan office and showroom solution to ensure our space would increase our staff efficiency, well-being and heighten productivity.

A comfortable and efficient office always depends on more than the strategic placement of staff, the choice of materials, furniture, lighting and carpets distinguishes our space and creates a distinctive and unique working environment.

T2 Storage Solutions’ range of bespoke services allows our creative in-house designers and creative teams to transform any space into our client’s vision, matching the buildings aesthetics, fabrics, personality and company image to create a unique visual whilst providing maximum practicality.

The “iVan” is an example of such services, a combination of the visual likeness and aesthetics of the iPhone and a Caravan to create a distinguished tea point unlike any other.

Flexible Meeting Rooms

T2 Showroom Meeting Room

T2 Storage Solutions have the ability to reconfigure our clients meeting room with flexible and mobile folding tables, traditional boardroom meeting tables and classroom room layout desking for any occasion.

Our designs offer our clients the best of all worlds, allowing for a dynamic presentation space that can be transformed and altered on the fly to fit our clients requirements and with our integrated power and data installations, we can ensure a perfect presentation and meeting every time.

Natural lighting levels are maintained throughout our office and showroom spaces through the use of full height glass partitions which are paired with our bespoke glass manifestations to create a truly unique and corporate aesthetic.

Media integration is crucial to any presentation room and we at T2 Storage Solutions are masters at making sure our clients are prepared for any opportunity presented to them, from data units and televisions to custom hardware, we have got it covered.

Soft Seating – Functional Spaces Without Walls

At T2 Storage Solutions we offer the broadest range of multi-functional soft seating and meeting tables, allowing our clients to instantaneously switch between a casual break out space and work station with no effort.

Data and media points are easily integrated into our soft seating options, allowing all the versatility of an office space inside any environment, without the need of wall-space and complimenting a fluid work force and dynamic work ethic

T2 Storage Solutions are always prepared to meet our client’s requirements therefore our free standing clusters of soft seating can host additional seating and desk installations including data and media points for more compact environments.

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