Secure Drug Storagewall – NHS Clinic (Birmingham)

Customer – NHS

Location – Whittall Street, Birmingham

A busy office within a NHS clinic on Whittall Street in Birmingham needed a secure storage solution to store medical drugs for the following reasons:-

  • Reduce / Prevent theft, loss or pilferage
  • Prevent infestations from vermin or pests
  • Avoid deteriation or contamination
  • Avoid disfiguration of label
  • Keep packaging integrity – guarantee quality & potency of drugs during shelf life period

Our solution came in the shape of a bespoke manufactured oak veneered storagewall installation. After consultation, the interior storage area design was agreed allowing us to optimise & maximise the amount of usable storage space. Pull out sliding shelves & moveable steel dividers were also requested to further enhance the design / usability.

Each doorset is lockable by key and has since virtually eliminated drug loss. Ventilation grilles were inserted into the storage wall installation to ensure all the stored drugs are kept at an ambient temperature. The installation was completed within 24 hours with minimal disruption to the NHS staff or general public.

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