Skin Care Manufacturer

T2 conducted an in depth review & pallet racking survey at our customers state of the art manufacturing facility in Derby to ascertain whether their existing pallet racking installation was suitable for their current needs. It was quickly apparent that the previous racking design was simply wrong for their new requirements and contracted T2 Storage Solutions Limited (Nottingham) to design & install a new SP80 (Dexion Compatible) pallet racking system to the chosen criteria.

Frames were 6.7m high and came pre-assembled for a quicker installation and allowed the customer to maximise their available building headroom by storing 5 tall pallets in the available height. Each beam level over 2700mm was designed to carry a maximum Uniformal Distributed Weight (UDL) of 2,500Kgs per level. Other design features included pallet support bars to each level (x4), specially fabricated & bespoke back stop safety beams that were installed on single runs to prevent further damage to their buildings cladding. Leg frame protectors and end safety crash barriers were also fitted at low level to prevent damage from their Fork Lift Truck in order to prolong the life of the newly installed racking. Rack Load Safety Notices were fitted to the ends of each run and clearly describe the design characteristics of the racking ensuring everyone is fully aware of its capabilities etc. Sprinklers were also installed between the racks to meet their insurers requirements and I trust to be more efficient than previously installed, should the need ever arise.

We were asked to conduct our works outside of normal working hours ensuring their daytime operation was not compromised and completed all the works within one weekend. Since the first installation we have since received several further orders for pallet racking in other areas of their factory to fully utilise their available storage space. In fact, our customer is so delighted with the work we have undertaken that he’s offered to show other potential future customers of T2 around their installation(s) allowing them to get a better feel for the possibilities on offer from T2 Storage Solutions.