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Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Looking to dramatically increase your “cubic” space?

Well, mezzanine floors can provide the ideal solution. By utilising unused or redundant vertical space in your existing premises, mezzanine floors add a new storage dimension at a fraction of the cost of relocation to new premises. Mezzanine floors can be installed in a wide range of industrial, commercial or retail environments by T2 Storage Solutions.

They can be designed and installed within a short period of time. Multi Tier solutions are also available. Utilise additional space with minimal disruption enabling you to focus on your business. Can be used to accommodate offices, bulk warehouse storage, production facilities, storage platform, clean rooms and showrooms.

Production & Factory Use

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Mezzanine Floor – Our Image Gallery

Production use mezzanine floor
Mezzanine floor used for training with offices below
Mezzanine floor in retail distribution centre
Warehouse & Distribution Mezzanine Floor
Offices below storage mezzanine floor
Retail Mezzanine Floor
Offices on mezzanine floor with storage to underside
Basic storage use mezzanine floor (Commonly installed)

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

Enquire NowA mezzanine floor is a raised platform independent of a building structure, supported by steel columns. It creates additional floor space for a multitude of uses.

They offer a cost effective and quick alternative to relocation, releasing unused space in existing premises with minimal disruption. Mezzanine floors are all bespoke to meet customers’ individual needs.

They are available in a wide range of floor areas from 50 m2 to well over 15,000 m2. Forget square metres, think cubic metres it’s all about getting the best use from the total volume of your premises, and often a multi-tier mezzanine offers the ultimate solution. Mezzanine floors can cope with all possible applications, from light storage to the support of heavy machinery, with imposed loads 3.5 to over 20 kN/m2.

Mezzanine Floor Structure

Office use mezzanine floorMezzanine floors comply with BS5950 parts 1 and 5, BRE Digest 437 and BS6399. They must also comply with Building Regulations and require approval by an approved inspector.

A mezzanine floor consists of four major components ie. columns, beams, joists (Purlins) and decking. Beams are ‘I’ section steel members that run across the top of the columns sitting on the column cap plates. These can be any length and are securely bolted in position. Typically columns are upright posts made of boxed section steel.

The standard column design has a squared base plate to spread the floor point loading and a cap plate to support the floor’s beams. Columns may also be supported with sway bracing to improve the structures rigidity. Joists or Purlins run at right angles to the beams and support the decking surface of the floor.

Joists vary in length and rating depending on the use of the floor. They are usually located between the beam webs to reduce the floor’s depth (inset design). The decking or floor surface is usually 38mm thick tongued and grooved high-density chipboard. This comes plain or coated in a number of hard wearing finishes including natural, grey or lacquered. For safety reasons, all open platform edges of a mezzanine floor, where people are working, must be protected by a physical barrier. This will normally be our standard steel handrail complete with built in kick plate around its perimeter which is fixed to the side of the floor to maximise the available storage area.

Access to the platform for people will generally require a stairway which will be constructed from steel and conform to the appropriate building and fire regulations. Access to the platform for goods or product will require some form of lifting device. This may be a conveyor, a goods lift or a forklift truck. In the case of the forklift truck an access gate (Pallet Gate) in the handrail will be required.

Fire Protection (usually in the form of a fire rated suspended ceiling) can be added to the steelwork to provide fire protection or to improve its appearance. One hour fire protection is a typical requirement.

T2 Storage Design Service

Here at T2 Storage Solutions we provide a complete design service including detailed CAD drawings, site surveys and nationwide installations. We feel we are the ultimate mezzanine floor supplier in the UK offering excellent value for money.
Click here to contact T2 Storage Solutions to discuss our Design Services.

Mezzanine Floor Specialists

Production office below mezzanine floorA mezzanine floor is a T2 Storage Solutions speciality, our in house designers, project managers and installation teams have installed literally hundreds of mezzanines and storage platform installations across the country, although most have been within the midlands area.

A T2 Mezzanine Floor is cost effective, quick to install and will give you additional space at a fraction of the cost of a new warehouse.

T2 Storage Solutions Ltd is a mezzanine floor company that has spent many years perfecting our mezzanine floor design to ensure our customers are delighted when their projects are completed.

Our mezzanine floor construction techniques comply with Health & Safety guidelines giving our customers peace of mind whilst we are on site. Over the years we have installed numerous mezzanine floors ranging in size from 50m2 to over 3000m2.

Mezzanine Floor Types

  • Storage Purposes
  • Office Accommodation / Canteen Use
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Retail
  • Stockroom
  • Self Storage
  • Archive Storage Purposes
  • Raised Plant Platform

Many different types of mezzanine flooring solutions are available.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Mezzanine Floors are also known or defined as a Mezz Floor, Mezzanine, Mezanine, structural steel floor, mezzanine storage platform or raised access floor.

T2 Storage Solutions specialise in all areas of industrial & commercial storage solutions & interior refurbishment works on a national basis. At T2 Storage Solutions mezzanine floors are our speciality, our in house designers, project managers and installation teams have installed literally hundreds of mezzanines and storage platform installations across the country.

Mezzanine floors are cost effective, quick to install and will give you additional space at a fraction of the cost of a new warehouse. Different types of mezzanine flooring solutions are available.

We are able to offer quality technical advice on mezzanine floors, office fit outs & refurbishments, pallet racking, pallet rack, racking and Shelving, industrial racking, racking shelving and industrial shelving solutions.


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We have carried out installations all across the UK – including Nottingham,Mezzanine flooring Leicester, mezzanine flooring Lincoln, mezzanine flooring Derby, mezzanine flooring Castle Donington, mezzanine flooring Birmingham, mezzanine flooring Milton Keynes, mezzanine flooring Stoke on Trent, mezzanine flooring Peterborough,mezzanine flooring Cambridge, mezzanine flooring,mezzanine flooring Chesterfield, Newark, Grantham, Burton upon Trent, Mansfield, Long Eaton and Loughborough. Local counties we cover include – Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire and all of the East Midlands.

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