Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive In Pallet Racking- Advanced Space Utilisation

CompactHigh Density

High Density Drive in or Drive Through Racking Storage Solution expertly designed and installed to suit those tight warehouse spaces by industry leading professionals.

Bespoke Drive In Racking Solutions

Perfect solution for unvaried pallets

Drive-in or Drive-Through Pallet Racking is one of the most space saving storage solutions available and is ideal for storing large qualities of similar pallets.

The goods are stored similarly to block stacking, with the pallets being stored on cantilevered pallet rails. This solution allows the stacking of items which otherwise would not be stable enough to be stacked on top of the another.

This system benefits from allowing more pallet storage per cubic metre than any other available solution. This make this the perfect storage solution for those who prioritise storage capacity over ease of access as stock rotation will be limited.

Storing varied pallets? Our Pallet Racking might be more useful.

FILO Drive In Racking
Drive In Racking Solution

    Compact Drive Through Racking with Cantilever Rails

    Types of Drive-in Racking

    Drive in racking is available in two varieties, Drive in and Drive Through, each with a distinct advantage.

    Drive in Pallet Racking provides a single access isle that operates according to a LIFO (last in, first Out) system. This system is generally placed against a wall in order to save space.

    Drive Through Pallet Racking operates on a FIFO (first in, first out) system, allowing the retrieval of pallets from either side of the storage platform. FIFO systems are required to installed away from a wall and therefore takes up more space than the single side solution.

    We specialise in Steel Fabrication, allowing us to create a bespoke solution for any requirement.

    Drive In Storage Features

    • Extremely Compact Storage
    • Block Stacking Inspired
    • LIFO and FIFO Systems available
    • Inexpensive

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