Longspan Shelving

Long Span Shelving Installations

Light WeightHand OperationalIdeal for Stockrooms

Longspan shelving and longspan racking are heavy-duty hand loaded storage systems, designed to store heavy, large and bulky items. Ideal for any warehouse, industrial unit, factory, workshop and retail stockrooms.

Longspan shelving is a versitile storage system and is extremely flexible in regards to its height, width and maximum storage load, allowing us to design and install a system suited bespoke for your requirements and can be retrofitted to suit your existing systems.

Why choose Longspan?

Heavy Duty and Long Lasting

Our longspan steel shelving can be customised to suit your individual needs and are available in a range of sizes to suit your warehouse, industrial unit, stockroom or retail floor, therefore we are confident we can find an ideal solution for you.

Short span shelving is built to last for years, with even a smallest general maintenance making it an idea choice for busy businesses.

If you require storage for smaller, less bulky items, our Shortspan Shelving solution might be the perfect solution for you.

The long span of the shelves can extend up to a length of 2.4m and gives a shelf depth of 1.2m front to back. Stepped beams are designed to take 25mm thick chipboard or steel panels to give a flush finish.

Longspan shelving can also be used to create two tier storage systems that make very efficient use of available headroom. Longspan Shelving is easily and quickly installed and can is easy to adjust to meet your changing needs.

UK Longspan Shelving Installation
UK Longspan Shelving Installation
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Other Types of Shelving

Shortspan Shelving:
Designed to store light hand picked items, suitable for offices, retail floors, stockrooms and small industrial units.

Unirack Shelving:
Unirack shelving is easy to build, bolt free and has great strength and durability. Brilliant for warehouse and industrial units and can be installed as a multi-tier accessable system with a staircase.

Mobile Archive Shelving:
A great solution for office stockrooms, retail store rooms, pharmaceutical environemnts, this mobile solution improves storage capacity greatly by giving access to two shelving systems at a time while the rest are pushed aside.

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