Carton Live Storage

Carton Live – Making storage immediately accessible

Carton Live Shelving

Perfect Product RotationFaster Pick SpeedHigh Capacity Storage

FIFO (First in, first out) automatic stock replenishment system for faster picking times.

FIFO Gravity-Fed Storage Solution

Semi-automatic Space saver

Carton Live shelving operates on a first-in first-out (FIFO) system with cartons being loaded onto inclined trays of roller tracks at one side, which are gravity-fed down dedicated lanes to the pick face on the opposite end.

This system provides a fast and efficient picking solution for handpicked goods, being an ideal storage solution for fast moving product lines that require large quantities of smaller items (for example, assembly lines or workstations).

The items at the pick face are efficiently arranged with products being clearly visible compared with conventional racking solutions, increasing picking times exponentially.

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Advantages to Carton Live Racking

Our lifts come in a variety of different specs depending on the required usage, available space and desired future growth. A typical goods lift installation allows for large pallets or crates to be safely moved between floors however smaller options are also available.

65% faster picking:
Boxed goods and SKU’s are quickly transported to the face pick with the contents being instantly visible.

Space Saving:
Straight walkways reduces travel times and saves space compared to conventional racking solutions, with more bulk goods being stored per shelf level.

Heavy Loads:
Each shelf level can be rated to 500Kgs UDL, with individual containers weighing up to 30 kg for optimal usage.

Need bigger loads?
Carton Live storage is primarily for the fast, effective storage and transportation of handpicked goods. When dealing with larger loads such as pallets, we recommend our Pallet Live storage installations which operate with much larger loads.

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