Cantilever Racking

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking Systems

StrongAdjustable Single and Double Sided

T2 Storage Solutions professionally designed Cantilever Racks are generally designed for the safe and organised storage and retrieval of long and heavy loads such as timber, panel products and metal storage.

Bespoke Cantilever Racking

Storage Solution for Long or Heavy Products

Manufactured in the UK and built for purpose, our versatile cantilever racks allow our customers to store anything from standard pallets to irregularly shaped loose loads.

Cantilever racks are commonly designed to suit a particular storage problem, and our expert teams work with our customers to establish a design criteria before providing a bespoke racking solution. This storage solution is ordinarily used in warehouses, factories, steel stockholders and wholesalers however it can be adapted to any storage requirement.

Supplied as either single or double sided runs, with versatile adjustable arms means that the systems can be designed to suit any pack size and optimise usable space.

Vertical RackingGuided Aisle Single and Double Sided

Racking Leg Protection Installation
Pallet Rack Protection
  • Each system is bespoke with arm loads of up to 5 tonnes.
  • Rack heights of up to 10 metres are available.
  • Arms positively secured in position using two high tensile, zinc plated bolts.
  • Arms adjustable on a typical pitch of 150mm – this can be varied if required.
  • External floor fixing cleats.
  • Racks are available in any colour, although black is standard.
  • Racks are available in both single sided and double sided.
  • The latest computer technology is used to achieve the most efficient design to your specification.
Steel Fork Truck Guards

Vertical Cantilever Racking

Vertical Cantilever Racking Systems are specifically designed to store long items. The spigot arms work as a divider between items and can be adjusted indefinitely to suit variable load and product sizes.

This style of racking is typically used to store extrusions, timber products and pipes but can be easily adjusted to storage smaller products. Products being stored in a vertical rack are easily accessible making this storage solution ideal for handpicked items during everyday operation within warehouses and retail outlets.

Vertical Racking heights vary between 2 – 6m depending upon the amount of space available and the product being stored. The racks have a location depth of 600m as standard, but we can design and manufacture our vertical racks to suit your bespoke requirements.

We specialise in Steel Fabrication, allowing us to create a bespoke solution for any requirement.

Our vertical racking comes in a standard range of colours but can also be galvanised making it suitable for outdoor storage.

Vertical racking is particularly useful in trades such as plumbing where varying lengths of pipe can be stored easily and securely. The ‘A’ frame design ensures that it is safe and secure at all times. The addition of a floor retaining angle keeps all stock safely in the vertical racks.

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