Production Mezzanine Floor

Our bespoke structural steel mezzanine floors have become increasingly popular within manufacturing and production companies across England who have an ever increasing need to improve efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

Manufacturing Mezzanine Floor

Optimising production and manufacturing floorspace can be challenging for any manufacturing company with your usable footprint being a premium.

The logical solution when you use all your available floorspace is often a timely and costly relocation, however there is a much less intrusive option, a Mezzanine floor.

A production use mezzanine floor enables businesses to increase their productivity, storage and property longevity be utilising the already available headspace within their premises to create a first or secondary level.

Our bespoke mezzanine floors can be designed and installed to accommodate substantial loads which are place upon them, including entire assembly and production lines and can be quickly integrated with your existing storage, productional and logistic systems.

Manufacturing and Production use Mezzanine Floor
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Other uses for Production Mezzanine Floor

In addition to aiding your production workflow, our mezzanine floors can increase your storage capacity by utilising one of our Racking systems or Shelving systems which can be designed to fit your preference. Heavy machinery can also be installed to the mezzanine floor, specifically designed to reduce bounce and vibration.

An increasingly popular use of our manufacturing mezzanine floors is office or breakout space utilisation, giving your employees a place to rest during breaktimes. This is great for the wellbeing of your staff and can be designed and installed with our bespoke fitout package. Offices, Meeting rooms and more can be installed onto your mezzanine floor.

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Mezzanine Design and Install

Installing a mezzanine floor for your production and manufacturing facility enables you to think more about using your cubic capacity rather than the ground floor footprint, opening up many benefits and savings.

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform that provides a secondary (or tertiary) level between the floor and the ceiling of a premises, supported by steel columns or racking structures the additional level is often independent of the buildings structure.

Our in-depth design service allows us to consider everything from emergency lighting and fire protection as well as necessary safety signage for high volume areas and pathways. We often install a steel fabricated steel stairway that conforms to fire and building regulations to create an access and exit to the mezzanine level.

If you plan to use our mezzanine installation for storage, please see our storage use mezzanine floor.

Installed mezzanine floor production plan

Building and Safety Regulations

Our mezzanine steel structure floors can usually be installed without the need for planning permission due to them being independent of the building structure, however they will still require building regulation approval.

T2 Storage Solutions takes full engineering and design responsibility for ensuring that all our floors meet and exceed Building Regulation requirements and are fit for purpose, applying on your behalf so you don’t have to.

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