Rack Protection – Pallet Racking

Steel Protectors & Racking Barriers

Protection against Fork Truck and Machine Damages

Protecting your Pallet Racking systems not only increase the safety of your operation but also protect vulnerable pallet uprights.

Rack Protection Installation and Usage

Complying with H&S Regulations

T2 Storage Solutions have a range of steel protectors and barriers that have been developed to allow companies throughout industry to protect equipment and facilities which are vulnerable to accidental fork truck damage.

As well as protecting racking and shelving in busy warehouse or factory environments, Barrier Rails can be deployed to protect fork lift truck battery charging areas, vending machines, conveyors, factory or warehouse offices. They also serve as safety barriers in loading bays and to demarcate doorways and pedestrian areas.

Barrier Rails help companies comply with the requirements of current H & S regulations which help to make the working environment safer.

Racking Leg Protection Installation
Pallet Rack Protection

    Steel Fork Truck Guards

    Fast and Affordable Installation

    T2 Storage Solution’s fitting teams can very quickly install a wide range of protection barriers, often alongside our Pallet Racking installations with no increase to handover times. Installing alongside the racking installations will allow you to continue operations uninterrupted.

    We are also experts at adapting racking protect to existing rack and mezzanine installations.

    T2 Storage Solutions have a range of different types of barriers to suit a wide range of requirements found in today’s modern warehouse environments.

    T2 Storage Solutions can supply Upright Frame Protectors, Tubular Barriers & bollards, Protection Barriers, Barrier Systems and Double Rail Barriers and are usually painted in a High Visibility Orange or Yellow.

    We also specialise in Steel Fabrication, allowing us to create a bespoke solution for any requirement.

    Rack and Mezzanine Protection Features

    • Extremely durable
    • Available in highly visable colours
    • Very Fast Installation
    • Inexpensive

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