Mezzanine Goods Lifts

Hydraulic Mezzanine Goods Platform lifts

Robustup to 1000kg loadsSafe

Our mezzanine goods lifts are designed to optimise the handling of materials between the ground and mezzanine platforms.
Unlike our automated multi-story conveyor systems, our lifts allow for one operator to manually move goods between floors.

Why Choose a Goods Lift?

Solving the problem with multi-floor transportation of goods

T2 Storage Solutions offer the ultimate manual handling solution for loading and un-loading from a mezzanine floor using our bespoke Mezzanine lift systems.

Our warehouse lift installations offer a safe, simple and efficient way to handle bulky loads up to 1000kg between two or three floors without the need for a fork lift truck, allowing the entire handling process of trolleys, crates and pallets to be undertaken by a single person without any manual lifting.

These lifts have many practical applications within warehouses, storage, workshops and factories, facilitating various load types that would otherwise be difficult to move.

These hydraulic lifts can be designed and installed alongside our mezzanine floor installations or applied to an existing structured floor.

Mezzanine Floor Goods Platform lift
Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift
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Lift Variations

Our lifts come in a variety of different specs depending on the required usage, available space and desired future growth. A typical goods lift installation allows for large pallets or crates to be safely moved between floors however smaller options are also available.

Small Lifts:
A common installation for smaller premises such as stores or workshops is a hand-loaded mezzanine lift with a maximum load of 250kg. The structure is compact, taking smaller loads and raising them to the secondary storage area and docking at waist height – 950mm above finished floor height.

Large & Heavy Duty Lifts:
Our larger installations can handle up to 1000kg loads and while they are larger, they safely and efficiently facilitate pallets, roll-cages and trolleys. Heavy duty lifts are commonly used within factories, warehouses and larger industrial facilities.

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