Office Mezzanine Floors

If you require additional space for office, recreative or administrative use within your warehouse, factory or industrial unit without losing valuable storage or production space, one of our mezzanine floors could be the perfect solution for you.

Why Build an Office Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor utilises unused vertical space and headroom in your premises to create a first or secondary floor that is completely independent of your buildings structure. These additional levels can support your business by providing additional work, storage and factory space that can span almost the entire footprint of your current available space.

This gives businesses the ability to exponentially increase their operational space for a fraction of the costs associated with relocation or expansion as a mezzanine office cost a fraction of the price of a property with an equal footprint.

Your office can be installed above or below the mezzanine structure, giving you complete control on how you want your industrial unit to operate.

T2 Storage Solutions have the ability to not only build your additional floor but also move your existing Racking onto the mezzanine structure for you. Already have a mezzanine floor? Let us transform it into the ideal office solution for you with our optional fitout package.

Thinking of adding an Office to your industrial unit? – We provide a free no obligation consultation!

Uses for an Office Mezzanine Floor

Your new office space can have a number of uses, from housing administrative staff and nonmanual workers to meeting rooms for potential clients, these mezz floors can be a cost-effective way to achieve more with your available space.

A Space to Suit You

Office Space
We have installed hundreds for office fit-outs throughout the UK, including London, Nottingham, Birmingham and much more. Our in-house design teams are ready to plan your bespoke raised office space, from small partitioned spaces to large open plan offices, we have the skills to create an office interior that works for your company.

Meeting Rooms
Meetings rooms provide a private space to meet with clients or to house group meetings with staff away from the operational floor. Warehouses are often loud however with the correct acoustic partitioning the noise can be minimalised. These mezzanine meetings rooms can be installed with data capabilities, allowing for remote meetings to be performed.

Breakout Area
Breakout or comfort spaces are essential in almost any work environment, providing staff a place to relax during lunch periods. The well-being of employees is crucial in staff retention and has been proven to increase staff motivation, attention and willingness at the work place.

The importance of a receptions should not be understated, you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. We help to pinpoint your target audience and design a reception that sets you apart from your competition, communicating your company values and providing your clients with the confidence that you are the correct choice for them.

The T2 Storage Solution to
Office Mezzanine Flooring

A T2 office mezzanine can be designed and installed as part of a turnkey package, including everything from the space planning to the supply and installation of interior furniture and storage.

All our projects are scaled and tailored to our customers exact requirements ensuring all our projects finish on time and to the agreed budget. We have long standing relationships with most of the leading mezzanine floor manufacturers giving us the ability to design, supply & install the right system in the most cost-effective way possible.

To get the project off to a head start – We offer a free consultation and initial site survey that can provide our experienced in-house teams with the information needed to prepare working CAD drawings for your mezzanine use office project.

Breakout Space on steel structure floor

Building and Safety Regulations

Most Mezzanine floors can be installed without planning permission due to them being independent of the building structure, however they will still require building regulation approval.

We organise and apply for building regulation approval on your behalf and ensure your mezzanine flooring project meets all required government agency approval, complies fully with building and fire regulations, and British standards – saving you the time and hassle.

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