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Dynamic FILO Solution

Push Back Pallet Racking

First-in Last-OutBulk Pallet StorageGreat Vertical Coverage

Dynamic pallet storage on trolleys or on rollers channels which is ideal for unvaried pallet loads.

Optimal Space Efficient Racking

More secure, more capacity, more storage.

Push Back Pallet Racking is one of the best space and time efficient pallet racking storage systems available. The pallets are loaded in sequence onto inclined wheeled trolleys or rollers and pushed back along guide channels.

Pallets are commonly stored up to four deep and operate on a “first-in last-out” system similar to drive in racking where only the latest pallet can be retrieved – ideal for storing bulk goods.

When a load is retrieved the remaining pallets roll forward automatically at a controlled speed into position at the picking face.

FILO Push back Dynamic Pallet Racking
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Push-Back (Cart) Pallet Racking

Advantages of Push-back Racking

  • Up to 75% increase in storage capacity of APR
  • Considerably less fork lift travelling times
  • Different SKU can be stored on different levels
  • Budget friendly cart variants available
  • Less picking aisles – Faster picking times and Operation
  • One of the best unvaried pallet storage solutions available

Is Push-back Pallet Racking for me?

Not sure if dynamic push back racking is ideal for your storage demands?

Our professional storage specialists are here to help, a quick call with us can determine your requirements and our expert teams can offer the best solution for your budget, requirements and desired throughput.

We offer a completely free consultation which can be completed over the phone or via email and once we establish your requirements our teams will promptly visit you on-site to determine the ideal storage solution for your specification.

A complimentary site survey will further aid us in providing you the perfect storage solutions to match your budget and available space.

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