Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers

Bespoke Steel Warehouse Safety & Pedestrian Barriers

  • Round Post Safety Barrier (Medium)
  • Armco Safety Barrier (T2 Storage) (Medium)
  • Pedestrian Safety Barrier Orange 2 (Medium)

T2 Storage Solutions can manufacture any bespoke safety barrier you require in either Steel or Stainless Steel.

Our in house team of draughtsman, structural engineers & steel fabricators are experienced in the most complex of structures enabling a smooth execution by providing design and fabrication solutions to clients across the UK.

With a wide range of possible finishes, including spray primed coats, wet spray top coats, stainless steel (brushed or polished), galvanised and polyester powder coated finishes.

Warehouse Safety Barrier (T2) 4 (Medium)enquire_yellow

Our team of experienced steel fabricators can assist you with any bespoke steel fabrications you may require. We can also provide a fitting service for any product we manufacture covering all of England.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.